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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for võ đang
I didn't have high hopes, as my experience with martial arts clothing ordered online is quite bad. therefore I was pleasantly surprised with this product. I added a few centimetres to my actual length, just to make sure the pants would be perfect. To top things of; communication was excellent and the suit was received earlier than expected. You won't regret this!
The fit is very comfortable and the craftsmanship is good. The fabric is thinner than I had expected. Is it supposed to be this wide towards the bottom end? Maybe the tailor overestimated the girth of the caucasian frame, haha. Measurements like the length of the sleeves are just fine though, so they did a good job on that. Maybe I just don't know enough about kung fu supplies. Overall a good purchace. Would recommend.
I am very happy with my winter wudang robe, which I am wearing already right now :) It is very well made and very warm. It fits perfectly. Very fast shipping overseas. Thank you very much to everyone! :)