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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chân máy
The delivery took 20 days. A bit long since it was shipped through UPS. Although there were holidays. The tripod is excellent. Everything feels solid. The fluid head look nice, I'll need more time to review it but so far, I would absolutely recommend this tripod for the price I bought it. I bought it for heavy duty indoor work as my work horse but it comes with a bag and it can be easily carried on the shoulder so it's easily usable outdoors as well.
Arrived today, great bag. Got 2 if my largest light stands, plus 2 small boom arms and my speedlight holder in it. Padding seems fine and the zips look strong and solid. Very happy, off to but some more.
Received very fast. Really unexpected delivery this soon, it took only 7 days to get to Ukraine. The tripod is steady, not a rock solid, but ok. The head is fluent, quite smooth. Actually all tripod doesn't feel that robust. Some parts seems to be made of aluminium but feels plasticky, hope it's not. One major thing is that in the head there is a part where the handle attaches, this part moves a bit under pressure. Hope it won't break. Overall everything is ok if take into account the price.
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