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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for t6 xml
I used these lens as alternate optics for a specific headlamp. The best was the 30° one, but 45° and 20° came close, too. The 60° variant is noticeably different, as it makes a bit wider beam and seems to be a bit more sensitive for matrix LEDs with hole streaks (e.g. Cree XHP50, Nichia E21A 4× configured) - I will make further experiments with other LEDs to evaluate it better. Overall, very good optics.
The 15°×45° lens makes a narrow streak of light, which I expected, but in real life, it is indeed very spectacular. The 20°×60° lens makes a bit taller beam, maybe this will be best suited for my bike lights.
It arrived 17 days after order. Batteries are basic, for shorter use. Lightweight, suitable for climbing. Adjust the light beams to the feet and the direction of the hands. Useful for proximity and walking. An investment worth that money. Only buy quality batteries.
The product is quite good. The torch itself is of very good built. But other accessories are made of light plastic and battery size is quite unusual. But 1 star for. Providing so many accessories. For this price the product is more than worth