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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mỏng điện thoại thông minh
A a great backup battery. Two things really stand out about it. -It fits on my iPhone 6s, even though I use a case (the seller provides 2 slim cases) -It charges with a lightning cable. This is awesome, because as an iPhon/ iPad user I have a ton of lightning cables... in the car, desk drawer, backpack... I don't need to hunt down a micro USB cable like a lot of other power banks use. I can use one of the many cables that are around anyways.
A little hefty due to the metal enclosure, but the build quality is very good and the capacity seems to be about right. Although it's perfectly serviceable in its current form, I'd actually like to see one that has slightly less rounded sides for easier gripping. One small point to note would be that the charging circuitry in this power bank seems to cut-off if the current draw is too low, which might be good if you're wanting to prevent overcharging of your devices, but not so much if your device is perfectly cable of trickle-charging once it reaches 100%.