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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for skinfold
I waited a Very long time for this product. Seller was in constant touch thou.5 mail's.Sent my money back but assured me they did send it and they did .. Arrived today as described.. One of those things I guess. Great seller and Seems trustworthy
El producto llegó a tiempo. pero me cobraron 12 dólares contra entrega, la publicación dice que el pago realizado durante la compra incluye el envío..... The product arrived on time. but they charged me 12 dollars against delivery, the publication says that the payment made during the purchase includes the shipment .....
I like how well its built, very sturdy, also comes with instructions which could use more pictures and formula for calculating body fat should be written a little better. Very good product overall.
It arrived really fast, and almost all the products were in perfect conditions except for 2-3 that came with a defect on, but besides that everything was good !! So i recommend to be careful with the products you send