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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for áo sơ mi t
Perfekt Quality. I had a long and good conversation with the shop members via Aliexpress and Twitter (for sending bigger image files). They can actally work with normal pictures and also with vector files like .ai, .eps, .svg, etc.. You get a high quality preview that you have to confirm before the production starts. One time there was an issue with the positioning of the design on the finished shirt. But they just reworked my design. Produced a new one and send it to me without charging any extra money. Great shop.
This is the second shirt I get from th is store. Sadly this one was less quality than the first. It's really thin fabric compared with the other one I've. The print is perfect, nothing to say about it. Kind seller, communicate, answers all my questions before print so i totally recommend this store. Nothing to complain about, just the fabric is a bit too thin. S size is not so small, so if you're skinny the S will be big in you.