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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for đặt thép không gỉ
the product took a long time to arrive. but the problem was with the post office in Brazil, which takes a lot. The seller was excellent, the product is fantastic. came very nicely packaged and shipped with agility.
Body S09C yesterday in the mail finally got here! Good Thank you!This is only the head of the Scarlet witch did not match in color and size and so yesterday ordered the head of Angelina for you!
A very good item for 1/6 scale toys. The real item is as good as it was from the picture. 100% the same. My opinion for the Seller :: The seller is also very kind and responsive which makes buyer feels comfortable to do the transaction. He/She also offers another item in the same price range if the item you need is out of stock, and that is something you don't get easily! It was a pleasure to doing business with you!