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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for rod lều
Pretty good product. Not bulky either heavy, and came with stuff sag, strings, ... Not tested yet, but seems really waterproof. The only thing is the anti - UV layer. Wich makes it all smell like paint until you let it breath for more than 24h outside. That silver layer gives the feeling that will jump off with the time and foldings. So is not the kind of tarp you can stuff on the stuff sag or snake skin with no worries. You will have to fold it properly before stuff it in the sag. But afterall , pretty nice.
Shipped quickly, arrived very fast. Great seller, best price, highly recommended. The tent looks good on initial setup, all seams are taped, stitch work looks good. Will be trying it out next week, can't wait.
be careful about the ends. these are _not_ the open (hollow) ends that some tents use ( to insert peg into pole end). these use the pin end, to insert into strap hole.
Nice tent poles; light and sturdy; good value. The only problem was that one of the ends was a different size than the other 3 so that fourth end will not fit in the grommets I have for the pole. So a little work to do yet to make that one fit.