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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for pyjtrl
This Blazer is outstanding in both quality and workmanship. It has real pockets both inside the blazer and on the outside and the size 5X is a real 5X and fits me well. Delivery of this item was fast and swift.
Omg i love it. Seller was amazing made sure had the right size. I go gym and was worried arms be too small but with sending measures and communication. Excellent would buy anytime. Thank you so much can’t wait to wear it.
Took only two and a half weeks to receive the goods in Toronto, Canada. Shipment is considered very fast. The pant have adjustable waist so one can adjust to fit. The around the waist belt is way too big for me which is at least 15 cm too long and can't attach properly for my 82 cm. waist. I guess I have to add another velcro fastener to make it work for me. I weight 67 Kg, 170 cm height. Overall, I am satisfied with the transaction.
The jacket fits very good, but the pant gs are a little short, and the pants are Extremely tight, despite me ordering my correct size. I am not sure what is the reason for this. The pants are unwearable, but the suit does look good.
high quality Suit.well groomed . The Shop of the suit deserves Your trust& they are worth it The seller is very clear,Smart, honest and he has any details you need.he can answer you immediately Very Fast Shipping .I did not expect that i will received By This Short Time