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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chuyên nghiệp máy tính bảng
It was a bit hard to figure out how to get the pen working (I had to tap the pen nib to the magnet in the pen rest), but overall I was very happy with everything! The card with the cute mascot was a plus :)
I have to say that I love this tablet! It arrived a view days after I ordered it and nothing broke or anything. I use it nearly every day and the surface (especially the size of it) feels so nice to draw on. My previous drawing device was one of the smallest wacom tablets and I must say the huion is an amazing upgrade for me. One tiny downside: I noticed that the shortcut- keys are already stuck after these cupple of days in use :/ Also I had to reinstall photoshop, because of strange, straight lines that appeared on the canvas when I drew. Furthermore, I ordered this tablet a couple days ago and now its on sale and also the next version opened for pre-order, but thats just unlucky for me :D But all in one it is a great tablet, that definetly deserves 5 stars in my opinion!
Great graphics tablet! Although it is a basic model, it is great for drawing and painting digitally. The pen is very pressure sensitive! Besides compatible with Windows and MAC is also with LINUX!
Wonderful experience with this seller. Special thank's to Mrs Eva who supported the DHL delivery of the Light Box personally. The product is super, we even can handle extra thick A3 paper on the box.