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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for product video
As soon as it is working, it is a really nice product. However, the Green and Blue channels are swapped with each other with respect to the standard HUB75E pinout printed on the PCB and also shown in the product description. This may be no problem if you use controllers like LINSN or Nova because they are able to swap the color channels arbitrarily (as long as you don't mix these modules with modules with the correct pinout). But you need to be aware of it if you use custom controllers as in our case or plan to mix the modules with other ones.
Very cool panel. I'm driving it from a Raspberry Pi 3 which is a bit of a hack. My power supply is not good so I had some color issues but I think I can solve it and it is not the panel's fault. I'm happy with my purchase. I measured 9.5W at full brightness and 3.5W at 50%. This is great and lower than what I thought. The panel is really bright.