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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for điện z usb
It doesnt have fancy metal box like UM24C, but I find it much more better. It can go lower in voltage, it has some features not present in UM24C, but well I guess it doesnt have BT connection, which is not usable on Mac anyway. So I am pretty well satisfied with this product. Didnt know, that there was added simple USB load, with 4 rezistors and active cooling fan, which is pretty well mounted and minimizes the possibility to touch of the hot rezistors. The usb connectors are made pretty well, they are not loose so from the start it gets pretty tough to use them, until they got to normal usage. The screen is pretty well responsive (not touch control, but for the changes and buttons). For me, I am selling the UM24C and using only this one.
Thanks so much for the product, my last time purchase via china and thought i would never ever buying from china again, but honestly now i keep buying more and more products. i could not that i will received the product just over a week. i will purchase more products from you . Exellent and fully recomend each one of you out there. AAA+++++++++++++++++
product is good, sound is, well, bad, sounds very distorted. it sounds like a 8 bit 4 kHz dac. but it does the job. as a doorbel the sound is horrible because of the distortion. so im gonna use it as a annoying indoor sirene. it's good for that job!