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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mở các loại hạt
Product look solid and made with steel since a magnet stick to it. Shipper didn't ship the good color. I need chrome and received gold. I send him a message when passing my order specifing that I needed chrome and to make sure to avoid any mistake. Even with that, shipper still did a mistake and didn't shipped out good color.
Very fast shipment and local delivery. Quality and performance of the product much, much better than expected. Very usefull the millimeter scale on the spanner to preset the opening of same, so as to match the size of the nut to deal with. A novelty to me. A must in the tool kit of every biker. I am immediately going to buy another one. Recommendable Seller.
Delivery took longer than expected as one of the items I ordered was apparently not available. Seller was quick to action. Products have good quality but the size seems not very accurate