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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for obd2 tester
The product came as specified. But most important its not the product. But the seller. Best seller I ever found in AliExpress. Answer questions - 100% Solve problems - 100% Think on customer - 100% Reliable - 100% Best store - YES! I recommend not only the product, but the seller also.
Finally, I removed the glaring error of the check engine, and read 5 old mistakes, let's see how much is enough for an error-free ride! Great product, packeage was well protected, i already test the tester and it is perfect. I realy recomend the seller!!!! Sorry, but there is not enough stars for rate you, you deserve at least 8 stars!
Bought one for my friend before and liked it so decided to buy one for myself. Works good on my Benz and Ford. Can check almost everything, also firmware can be upgraded from PC