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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for notebook ultraslim
Extremy satisfied, received the goods in 2 business days, perfect state This is one of the best customer experience that I had in my life, very good communication, quick response and efficient answer. 1000% Recommended I will definitely buy again in the near future.
Very impressed with the build quality of MateBook x Pro, it has exceeded my expectations. The seller was responsive to all my emails and reassuring it will get delivered. The best part was DHL delivered the laptop on a Sunday! The parcel was sent to the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The laptop has a premium build feel and does not feel cheap at all. Comparing to my 15" HP spectre x360, the aluminium body on the Matebook X Pro has a far more superior machine finish. There is absolutely nothing misaligned in this laptop, perfectly machined all-around. The 3K display is superb and is in league of its own. I cannot emphasize how gorgeous this display looks in real life. Only negative, the backside get very hot in highwork loads A tip, if you are going to reinstall Windows. drivers are on Huawei global website. I had issue with the fingerprint scanner which was fixed with the latest update of windows 10. kudos to Huawei in producing a laptop that the people want.
Perfect computer everything was great. Just not perfect as the computer is 2300$ (without tax !) vs 1500$ (with tax !) On Microsoft store. That said It was out of stock on Microsoft Store so I guess it's a premium to get the avaibility, though 1000€ premium is a lot.
The computer is just like in the description. It was ready for use immediately, with pre-installed Windows and web browser. The battery was even charged. The computer looks slim and elegant, and it is light. It has a "plastic feeling", just like it is to be expected in this price range. This is not a supercomputer; it has limited memory and disk storage, but for many typical types of usage it is perfectly acceptable, e.g. web browsing, text processing, spreadsheet, watching movies and so on. I received the computer in Europe 8 days after ordering from China. The "manual" is a folded piece of paper with only very basic information, only useful for those who have never used a laptop before. This is as expected. For those who have some experience, the "manual" is not necessary; the computer is like it should be :-) After the first two hours of use, my experience is very positive.
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