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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for natural density wig
I 'm about to be completely honest with you guys! This is the best hair! very soft ,no shedding , Would honestly recommend CGG hair to everyone this is the only company I buy from!
Gavin was great to deal with and communicated at every step. The hair is as advertised- full , length was accurate, hair doesn't shed, density was correct - i measured :-). The hair came well packaged and fast. 5 stars from me - very good hair. Thanks again Gavin !!!
I liked the hair, is really full, soft, did not take long time to arrive in ogain Iam satisfied with this seller thank you JK,.....for everything, and also to understand the customs policy of Namibia
The hair was long (20inches) and very soft to the touch. It does not have a smell. I have washed and conditioned the hair and it looks even better than before. It combs through easily with little to no shedding at all.
This hair is amazing ! I just received it from deliver , and the seller is amazing with communication. I think he shouldn’t work with DHL though , because he sent it right away and they took forever to deliver it . I usually buy expensive wigs $500 , but this one will work great . I love it already and can’t wait to wear it !!!!