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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for mx150
Perfect computer everything was great. Just not perfect as the computer is 2300$ (without tax !) vs 1500$ (with tax !) On Microsoft store. That said It was out of stock on Microsoft Store so I guess it's a premium to get the avaibility, though 1000€ premium is a lot.
Laptop is very good as described, working fast Delivery is fast, but sent during 5 working days. I would not adviced to buy additional steackers for keyboards. Laser engraving looks better and costs the same money in any engrave service. Buy electricity adapter in any electric store to your laptop before delivery. Activation key was sent by e-mail after my request. I didn't received first it time but seller sent it again to gmail and all is OK now. Seller answers quickly. Do not hesitate ask seller for any info about item. Seller is polite and writes in English well. Good luck with this seller and laptop!
The Laptop is in an amazing condition and there was no dents on the inner white box or on the laptop itself. You can check video reviews on YouTube for the laptop. My only concern is that it took sometime to get shipped, which the saller described later that it's in another facility, but hopefully they can improve on that. Thank you and I'm glad that I did business with you.