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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cơ quan ngôn luận tfv12
Very happy with these Drip Tips, and the seller. I’m using the tips on a pair of UD Zephyrus V3 tanks, one Black & one ‘Rainbow’ & they look great on both. They have a nice tight fit (but not too tight) even though they have a pair of o’rings & the tank has an internal one (so usually, ‘push in’ Drip Tips fit better) & sit flush on top of the tank with no gaps anywhere, the colours suit the tanks well (IMHO) & the length is just as I like it. The tips have a very smooth feel and don’t get too hot even with the SS on the bottom. I’m very happy with the Seller, who delivered exactly what I ordered and I’m happy with the ‘random’ colours they choose for me. Best of all, it only took nine days from when I placed my order, until they were on my doorstep, which I think is the fastest time ever for any supplier from AliExpress (& probably the fastest from anyone I purchased from who’s OS). A very easy 5 stars from me, keep up the great work, & I’ll definitely be buying more from this supplier