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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for milligram scale
This is a true parallel beam strain gauge scale. The weighing platform is rather flexible but at the low range the scale is designed for, it's no problem. It rather acts as an overload protection. I'm impressed of how much precision and accuracy is possible at that low price! Included in the package is a protective pouch, a pair of tweezers ("el-cheapo", nothing to phone home about...), a fairly accurate 10g calibrating weight and a small, stainless steel weighing dish (for weighing liquids/powders/granular goods). Highly recommendable.
Delivery was very fast, thank you. I checked one of the balances to see how long it takes to automatically turn off power. It was exactly two minutes, 120 seconds. Your product description says among other things: • Auto-off: 180 seconds 180 seconds is relatively long among the balances that are offered at AliExpress. It was one of the reasons I bought these balances. And now I only get 120 seconds. Fortunately, the turn off timer resets itself each time there is a change in weight. Therefore the practical turn off time can be more than 120 seconds, and that works for me. But I think you should correct the Product Description. Thanks for an excellent balance and service. Franz Sigg