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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for lovel live cosplay
Came in 12 day, which is super fast. Ordered on the 25th June and came on the 6th July. It is a little stiff and tight at 1st, but I think it'll loosen up and become fairly comfortable after a few wears.
These are so pretty! Buying pins online is always risky because often they are printed poorly and are blurry, but these are absolutely perfect!I adore the sparkle finish (it doesnt show up on camera well but it is quite sparkley :))
It arrived before the expected date, the base wig head size is kinda small so be carful ( acts kinda small on me but still fa ya and I have a medium size head ) ITS SUPER THICCCCC LIKE ITS AMAZING NOT SHINNY NO WEIRD SMELL ITS PERFECT! It even has the longer side nico has! It needs to be trimmed ( duh ) but it's super soft and thick I couldn't wish for a better nico wig! It's also a lot better then my last one I had ( bought from random aliexpress seller ) and for such a cheap price this wig is great! ( unstyled in photo just took out of bag and put on )