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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for len cho canon
i'm still testing but i'm very impressed with the quality of the images i'm getting. The construction of the lens is full metal and the focus and aperture rings feels very smooth. Also fast shipping and good seller. A very commended buy!
Very fast delivery, amazed by that. The teleconvertor itself I wont use. The image quality is poor on my Sony RX10 Mark 3. But I bet it will work fine on many other camera's where image quality is lower!
working picture quality with this is not very Good, many color degradation and much chromatic aberrations . Good for seeing far and use for search, seeking .for the price. i said OK .
This item is amazing. I feel I gained a whole new level on my photo knowledge just in few minutes testing this thing out. I'll add pictures of lens itself and probably a few shots with it and for comparison 70-300mm tamron lens (same object, same light etc). I suggest this lens, even though I had to pay extra money for customs, because on package it was having 25.90 price (actual price was 77.66 after coupons and discount). It's still worth this result, imo.