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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for led hàng
Not tested yet but strip have been compressed and is bent on the long side. I suggest you «Hunta Official Store» to place a square card board each side of the roll, you will certainly avoid problem with this, and at low cost! However the product looks to be a good quality assembly, copper seem thick, strip is large and solders are clean. Bonded on a good heat dissipation medium it should run for a long time!
Product is very good solid and nicely fit to my TV stand. However i shall mention that the milk colored semiopaq plastic covers are not matching the aluminıum panel. This is a production error or mistake of the seller.Fortunately i had ordered enough pieces to overcome this issue , cut some pieces and filled the missing spaces. But for potantial buyers , you should warn the seller to send the covers matching the size of the panel.
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