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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for máy tính xách tay pc
considering the price and speed, it is pretty good. i also have samsung 860 evo 2TB SSD which has higher sequential read. the last 2 crystaldisk mark tests are very close. I asked kingspec about the endurance of the 2TB SSD that i purchased but received no reply so far. Kindly respond to my question (TBW or DWPD endurance). Also total host writes does not appear for the product using CrystalDiskInfo. can you please provide SSD health monitoring tool? Right now, i'm leaving 4 stars ratings until i get reply to the questions i asked. I have high expectations that in case of any drive failures within the warranty period that Kingspec will honor it and replace the SSD. I think warranty will make or break the reputation of the product and the Company. So far, i'm happy.
i got 2 of those both work like a charm and as intended no anomalies that i can tell ! 19 days from order till the delivery (Greece) ! highly recommended !