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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for key khóa hệ thống
The shipment was fast. I have ordered a power supply + wireless remote control system + metal stainless switch to use with my current strike lock. The quality of the items is very good. Everything looks and feels robust. When I connected everything up the first time, strike lock did not work properly (reversed), but after contacting the seller, who responded very fast btw, he explained how I should connect it properly. And it works beautifully. I have tested the remote control at home, the range is good - very good. I would definitly recommend the products. I have included some pictures of the setup, don't mind the wiring/colors, this is just a test setup.
Fast shipped. Very good bubblewrap packaged. The keyfob has very good responsive high quality buttons. There is a place to put your car emblem sticker. When pressing the button for the key it has a very satisfying and strong feel.