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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for nhật bản lolita
Very happy with this purchase! The only thing is that it had threads popping out of some places but can be easily cut off as well as it being a bit short in the back, but that is common in Japanese fashion so Im not mad about it. Also, I was surprised by the little toy and tiny earrings it came with! Very cute!
Very good quality! Size fits but the sleeve is a bit large (I ordered S and I needed XS). It doesnt bother me but I mentioned this just to know that you should order your size, not something larger than your actual fit like people are used to do when ordering clothes from china.
these shoes are perfect. they seem study, and the material is of good quality. the only thing I'm having issues with are straps. but I did order 9.5 instead of 9. sooo..
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