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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ip67 phone
I love this phone! fast delivery! the only thing is that seller has to notify that phone will run Chinese version on emui , it's same as European, but no Google assistant available
The only complaint I have is that it has no Canada/Americas version. The phone believes I am from Hong Kong. The phone is fully unlocked and beautiful. I cannot wait to use more of it. The phone also comes with screen protector and basic clear case.
Came as expected. Phone looks good and has a very premium feel. Yet to really explore the camera as I have been tied up but looking like a great deal at the moment. Now probably using three good phones; itel P32, iPhone X and Hauwei P20 pro
Thank you loving the new phone Huawei P20pro. Just warning due tax for each country when buying I ended up paying extra $240 AUD on tax for importing phone into the country. So maybe seller should put lower price on invoice for clients next time. I would give u a 5 star if you were to put lower price to avoid me getting taxed more.