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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hồng ngoại hàn
Very good seller!! Product arrived in 5 days from order with DHL to north Europe. Product was very well packaged. Product is as described and I'm very happy. Soldering iron 30-200 deg: 13 seconds. Hot air gun 30-200 deg: 4 seconds and automatically turns off when titled upwards. Heating bed 30-200 deg: 3 minutes.
Had some light transportation damage, but that could be fixed. Temperature of the bed had to be calibrated. Also the position of the temperature sensor of the bed is such that the temperature overshoots during warming up. When set to 100 degrees, it warms up to 190, then cools down to about 100. Maybe I will get another sensor and position it above the bed for a quicker response. I don't know yet what kind of sensor it is. It seems not to be a K-thermocouple. Anyway, it's a very nice rework station for its price.
Excellent sales company. After the purchase they contacted me immediately to give me information about shipping. Everything happened exactly as they reported. I received the goods in perfect condition. It was very fast. I am very satisfied. I will continue to be a customer. I recommend this company to all buyers. Thank you for your sympathy and professionalism. Till next purchase.