Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for i3 i5
Can't give a proper review in 100 words so I will list out the good and bad.' Good: - Price. It's really aggressively priced compared to other D5 tops. - Finish and tolerances of acrylic are superb - Milling tolerances for the aluminum components are really good Bad: - Doesn't come with a stop fitting even though the design means that it is required for it to work. - Finish of the anodized aluminum leaves a lot to be desired - The countersunk screws that fit the mounting plate to the top are the worst I have ever used. All in all it's a good product but it is held back by smaller details. Given it's price point I can't give it less than 4 stars, but if I were to compare it to bitspower tops without considering the price difference I think it would be a 3 instead.
Unfortunately I received a different specification than I ordered, however the seller was very quick to resolve this in a most fair and reasonable manner. The mini-pc works quote well so far, and I will most likely buy more of these from them.