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Trang Phục Phim & TV

Peter Quill Ngôi Sao Chúa Trang Phục Người Giám Hộ Của Galaxy 2 Cosplay Halloween Trang Phục Ngôi Sao Chúa Hóa Phù Hợp Với Tự Làm Cho nam

US $35.70 - 209.55
US $70.00 - 410.89 -49%

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Gửi bởi jxxxA (US)
During the entire process of ordering and tracking my package I was in constant contact with Jack at Superhero Store who was extremely pleasant and diligent about responding quickly to my many concerned emails (as I needed the costume for Halloween and was on a time crunch). He assured me that not only would the costume be made to fit me exactly (I sent my measurements) but that it would in fact arrive before Halloween. Well I'm extremely happy to say that he was not wrong. Not only did it arrive with days to spare, it fits me nearly as well as a tailored suit would and the quality of the product FAR exceed my expectations. I am extremely happy with my order and would not only order from these guys again but highly recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality costume. If I could rate more than 5 stars I would.
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Chi tiết mặt hàng

  • Sử dụng đặc biệt: trang phục
  • giới tính: Nam
  • thành phần: Quần
  • thành phần: Trench
  • thành phần: Lên trên
  • thành phần: Vest
  • thành phần: Áo khoác
  • nhân vật: edorad Leones
  • Loại sản phẩm: Bộ
  • Chất liệu: Spandex
  • Loại nguồn: Movie & TV
  • Số mô hình: 005
  • thương hiệu: Manles
  • Special Use: Costumes
  • Source Type: Movie & TV
  • Characters: Assassins
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