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Kuying Teton L Ánh Sáng 1.98 M 6'6'' Baitcasting Đúc Quay Mồi Câu Cá Mềm Mại Cực Mía Dán Carbon Trung Bình Nhanh hành Động

US $58.61 - 63.54
US $79.20 - 85.87 -26%

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Gửi bởi Wxxxs (UK)
The rod is as nice as most happy buyers say it is, The action is spot on for a rod with this rating. To throw lighter lures the tip has to flex but the blank soon firms up over the majority of it's length. Action is medium fast at least. Those that expect the same fast action of much heavier ratings shouldn't be UL or L fishing until they learn about the dynamics of different types of fishing rods. Build Quality on my particular rod was as good as any OEM big brand rods costing more money. The Seller really does his best to help with the value marked. I have no hesitation in buying more fishing rods from the Kuying range. All Fuji fittings as described and the padded rod case is nicer than most. The fact the blanks are made from 46 ton Japanese Toray carbon prepregs is another big plus point as Tory carbon makes for strong blanks and it's used to make Americas second best selling musky rods. No ice here so i'll have a few throws with lures that cover the full weight range.

Really high elasticity 46t?

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Chi tiết mặt hàng

  • thương hiệu: kuying
  • Chức vụ: sông
  • Chức vụ: sông
  • Chức vụ: Đại dương đá Fshing
  • Chức vụ: hồ
  • Chức vụ: hồ ao
  • Chức vụ: Bãi biển đại dương cá
  • Chức vụ: Thuyền đánh cá đại dương
  • thể loại: thu hút Rod
  • Chất liệu: Carbon
  • Số mô hình: TTC662L / TTS662L
  • Đường kính đầu: 1.4mm
  • độ cứng: Mềm
  • TTS662L Handle: Spinning
  • TTC662L Handle: Casting
  • Line: 3-8lb
  • Lure: 2-10(g)
  • material: 46T toray carbon fiber
  • Length (cm): 198
  • Sections Quantity: 2
Mô tả Sản phẩm
TTC662L/ Đúc que/ 6'6''/1.98 M/ L/91g;
LURE: 2-10g/DÒNG: 3-8lb/Trung Bình Nhanh/ 10 miếng vòng
 TTS662L/ Quay que/ 6'6''/1.98 M/ L/81g;
LURE: 2-10g/DÒNG: 3-8lb/Trung Bình Nhanh/ 8 miếng vòng


  • Really high elasticity 46t?

  • Bonjour, y'a t'il des frais de douane pour la France ? Merci Hello, are there customs fees for France? Thank you !


  • nice. but not cheap

    Considering the Fuji fittings and Japanese Toray Carbon blanks the Teton is fairly priced for a rod of this Quality.

  • What reel size is perfect for spinning rod, what about the 1000 size and 8 pounds braided line