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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hat victoria
It arrived quickly and I am very happy with the hat. However, I recommend using a slightly large box with more packing material, as when I cut open the packing tape on the box I almost cut into the hat.
This seller KNOWS how to package a hat and ship it overseas in a well protected manner. I've purchased 4 top hats each from a different seller. And by far, this one came packaged the best. In a large box, with a special plastic with air inside it bubbled over the hat itself. I've never seen anything like it and wish I would have taken a photograph of it before taking the hat out. But, you can feel very secure in ordering a hat from this shop. I know I will be coming back to them for any of my needs in the future. Excellent quality product!!!
The packing of this hat for shipment was amazing. Thank you for going to such great lengths to ensure its safe delivery! Your attention to detail was most welcome. I will definitely shop with you again!
Hat is very hard - I mean not soft and might be not easy to wear for a long time. However, it’s ok for my needs - I will keep it
This hat came packaged so well, I was honestly surprised. It is very high quality and would recommend buying from this seller! I know I'm going to be getting and white one and a black one now from them. Exceptional.