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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for harley jacket men
The jacket is really fine and well done,the hide is thick and soft: the bad is that the measurements given are not so spot-on, in my case (sold as large, jacket labeled 38), the sleeves are almost one inch shorter than declared. I clearly asked placing my order to verify, if possible, sleeves length, and to send me the jacket with the longest ones. What happened is a little disappointing, because otherwise the jacket is really more than worth the price.
Got the package! Thank you very much! Very happy. The color is exactly the same as in the photo. In size, weight 70 kg., and height 178 cm., it is possible to wear a warm, taking into account the length of the jacket sweater. The weight of the jacket is noticeable, but it is leather and leather is not very bad, of course it is not suede, but not rough "kirza".High-quality seam, well-chosen in color patches of skin, forming a single color background. Warm lining. I loved it! Thank you! With respect Oleg!