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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hand cuffs for adult
Very nice product. The padding makes it very comfortable to wear, I could wear it all day long without becoming painful. One minor point is that the last hole in the belt is very difficult to reach, even when not wearing it. The packaging was also not the best, the plastic was torn a bit and the cuffs were showing. Mine had one chain where the hook was not attached, but the store refunded me a small amount for that.
Very good padding on these so they do not chafe during longer sessions. Cuffs have multiple hook points. The latching mechanism on the cuffs has an eyelet so you can chain cuffs directly together at the latch or inset a small padlock. Would definitely recommend for the price. The leash may need an upgrade if you use a lot of force on it, but the cuffs are all well done.