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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for loại súng
The motor came in fast and in good condition, but didnt came in with the motor spring like in the photos. How ever its not a big deal. To summarise, the product is worth the money and wait, very satisfied with its performance. If you want to upgrade your aeg for good price this motor is a must.
I received it on the eighth day after placing an order. It was the fastest ever. The clamp is made of titanium and very light. Processing accuracy is also very good. What's even more pleasing is the addition of a small special screwdriver and string high gauge. It will be used frequently put it in a violin case. I would like to use this shop again. thanks
Very nice piece. Be prepared, however, that you may need to shape it with a fine grinding wheel in order to achieve a perfect fit during installation. Once installed, it looks fantastic. The small removable window (available on the hollow version of the end button) is so convenient for peering inside the violin even while the strings are under tension!
Very well made end pins worth every penny. Please don't grind them to fit your violin. There are three sizes to choose from. Get the one that is slightly bigger than your violin end pin hole and get a Peg Reamer to make the hole larger to fit in this end pin. But do it bit by bit so you won't accidentally make it too big. Last picture is a peg reamer. You can search for it in AliExpress too. Recommended seller. The gift is very useful, to tighten/loosen the chin rest clamp and for measuring the soundpost position. Two thumbs up! Will leave additional feedback after installing them on my violins.