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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for gtx960
i ordered the product on sunday evening (europe time), with dhl delivery, the seller sent product after payment confimation, on the friday afternoon i have the specified product in my hands
I had ordered two fans and the connector, but one of the fans arrived broken, presumably from transport damage. The seller offered to send a new fan for a low fee of one dollar. The fan that wasn't broken has been working perfectly fine so far. The new fan that arrived makes a very quiet hum when turned on, but otherwise it's working fine too. The product was shipped off very quickly, and took a month to arrive after that. The fans and connectors showed signs of belonging to a previous graphics card, but they showed no signs of use or wear. Contrary to the pictures here, the fans do include the ZOTAC logo on their front. The serial numbers behind the fans are almost illegible. The screw holes fit perfectly. Make sure to test your fans when they arrive!