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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for chính hãng vòng
Order was complete at 29 days. Very nice ring (size 6,5). And with gift - little bag. Looks marvellous how I imagined. Thank you very much.I can recommend. Everything is OK.
Thank you very much. Fast shipping, it has arrived at 19 days. The items have arrived very well packed, the number of rings is correct and there is size coordination between them. The picture is real. Sellers should put more information about the materials, and the approximate weight, and the measure and photographs that are as real as possible. The metals that may have allergies. Worry about arriving in good condition. They should think that we bought them without being able to touch them and see them live. Who does it this way is a good seller and helps to buy from a distance. The one that does not do it is a bad seller and it takes away the desire to buy from a distance. Although the information in the advertisement has lacked allergenic metals. You have fulfilled as a good seller.
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