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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for keychain thực phẩm
I am so impressed with this seller and the quality of their products, wow! The colors and details of these bears are stunning; I particularly love how the glitter does not settle into the face of the bear and only serves a beautiful background. The measurement is a little off as they are about 43mm in length, but it is a minute and unnoticeable difference. The seller always makes sure to follow my notes if I want a certain color over another, want to exclude one color altogether, etc. Shipping took a while as the processing time took 10 days and then it took 2 more weeks to reach southern CA. Very happy with my many products from this seller and will be buying more!
Best! Love this seller! Super fast shipping!! Super cute! Super kawaii! Exactly as pictured & described, seller is very cooperative & great community! Repeat buyer! Come check out my YouTube channel for more kawaii D.I.Y inspo! Search Miss Eddie Blue on YouTube!
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