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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for esata
I got the package faster than expected, it was just 17 days! The product was in perfect shape, it was not deformed. It had a little rust on it, but I could scratch it off. It fits perfectly in my Zalman Z3 plus case, also my 2,5 Crucial SSD perfectly fits into it. The screws which were included are perfect for it.
Had some problems with the customs but the store representative was really helpful and helped me to retrieve the package as soon as possible. WiFi extender working perfectly. Highly recommend to buy from iMice Official store.
Product arrived ahead of promised time. It works fine on my laptop. Only thing I found odd is the uneven shape of the convertor (see attached picture). I'm not sure if the convertor is made that way, or maybe was damaged during shipping, but it's merely aestetic "flaw", as it's pointing slightly down when plugged-in in my laptop. But, regardless, it still WORKS PERFECTLY.