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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for điện bốn bánh xe scooter
Overall impression - ITS COOL, really. There is a little inaccuracies in description of product: -It's NOT HUB motors, it has belt transmission, -Voltage is 42v when fully charged and 32-33 when discharged until totally stop. -There is no tools included in package, but you will not need it anyway. -Remote is 2.4 GHz only, there is no Bluetooth. I have ordered it 30.06.2018 It was shipped 05.07.2018 Parcel was delivered 27.07.2018 Tracking won't update until it reaches Europe. So 18 days of uncertainty, is it really shipped or not, but that's how ups working. It has 3 speed modes: Slow, starts softly and maximum is 15-18 km/h Medium, starts sharper and maximum about 30 km/h High, starts even sharper and maximum is about 35 km/h I don't have tools to measure battery capacity and real motor power.
Got what i expected, a nice price for an electric skateboard! Speed is not as fast as described, it tops out at 15km/h. Besides that it works at advertised, i have done quite the testing, and wasn't able to run out of battery over distances of about 10km. Though reading other reviews, it seems like the first thing that could fail is the battery, so i do suggest having some electronics knowledge to build in a new one, or as i'm doing adding a second batterypack, for reliability and to make more kilometers! Overall, good quality especially for it's price! (Also, i located all screws, and replaced the deck with my own longboard deck)
well its really fun thing, ive tried today becouse recieved 5 weeks after i ordered (so that was really annoying) but!: this product looks very good, also works very well, first time ive been kn skateboard (and i mean not only on electric) i really like that but on max speed i almost felt thanks god somehow i survived, that speed huge! best one is middle! also what i really loves that you dont need battery’s for remote ots chargeble, well really noce experience for me! i appreciate with a product.