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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for drl
Accurate Product Description. Item arrived safely in a nicely package box. Nicely anodized Black finishing. Works great and pretty standard Ice Blue colour range as others on the market. Needs to improve by providing more electrical specifications like : a) Forward Voltage b) Current Rating for safe long lasting operation. These info are important for customers to design and custom their lighting according to input voltage and resistors required for electrical systems to work well in the long run.
Service() dhl excellent, but a grip() arrived broken I l told the seller and I proposed him(her) that he(it) m sends back(dismisses) one since more piece of news(short story), the next traffic lights which I shall buy for me or my friends will be bought in another shop
Connections: For white light (black negative & red positive). For yellow light (black negative & white positive). For both white and yellow light (black negative & red/white combined with positive). Item reached very fast. I recommend the supplier