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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for ăn mặc lol
I absolutely love this cosplay! The quality is amazing and everything is just as pictured♡ I got mine customised and the size is perfect!! I ordered it on May 2nd, and it arrived 5 days earlier than expected on May 14th. The shipping was delayed, but that's completely okay. I'd definitely recommend this cosplay, it's high quality, you can get it customised to your own measurements and the shipping is extremely fast. The communication with the seller was also very good, all my questions were answers almost right away and there were no problems too.
Cosplay was exactly as pictured and contained everything listed. I had mine custom made and they followed it exactly! Very well done!! I will attach photos maybe soon in the additional feedback section. A+ quality! 10/10 communication. The only problem was tracking for shipping was delayed and not the seller’s fault. It arrived one day before the estimated shipping date to the US. I LOVE IT.
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