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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dollhouse kits for adults
After seeing photos here, I also painted my camper blue and added LED light to the hand lamp. The final product looks amazing! However, I've to give warnings here: just glue the metallic foil stickers on the car frame because the stickers won't stay in shape after removing the backings. My stickers got stuck together and had to throw away. I ended up using aluminum foil from the kitchen after running out of foil stickers.... I used 3mm flat LED diode as the extra light bulb, and it's actually the same size as the one Robotimes given.
This is amazing toy!! I'm in love with this little house. I have yet to assemble it all, this is so exciting! Oh, how I like it! By the way, unlike other houses from other companies, there are tweezers and a brush, and many additional materials. Very pleased that the seller takes care of their customers! I did not regret that I ordered this box, although it is quite expensive. I will order more and more, I want to collect all the rooms! Many thanks to the seller for their professional work, fast delivery and an amazing product! I wish great success to your company, which gives so much joy to customers! :)