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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for doll soft
I like the doll, very nice, no smell, maybe a bit smaller than described, but owerall experience is good. Packed in regular envilope, so cannot use as a present. You have to pack yourselt. Doll itself is geat! I recommend seller and product!
The product is very good and the seller is attentive and very efficient! He sent the doll after a few days, and it arrived in Brazil. Here the processing is very slow and inneficient, so it took a little longer to arrive at my home. Even though, the product is according with the description and everything is going well so far. Thanks!
Beautiful doll! The default faceup is lovely and soft looking. She is very well made and super posable. She has the girl moe line body and A bust. If I order another BJD it will be from here! (: