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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for dmx strobe
Some misunderstanding about the LED color. I wanted to buy Warm white + Cold white. I got only 1 color. I think it is warm white. In the description of my order is mentioned warm white + cold white. In the title of my order is mentioned warm white. Very dubious. The color of the lamp is not really warm white as it should be. 3200 k Par 36 watt 650 watt. It is rather natural white. But the lamp is very powerfull, good dimming, well made. Only the brackets are not good assembled.
the strobe light is giant and heavy but it is in perfect condition other than the glass and logo being upside down .also I thought it would be brighter but I have to test it at night to see the full effect. but it was fast and it was not broken and I will buy another soon