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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for tùy chỉnh keycap
keycap is in detailed condition, light in weight so won't damage the switch, easy to insert or pull out, recommend to all people who are interested. yes it's good quality. hopefully there will be ironman, robocop, alien, marvel or dc superheroes, or any other japanese manga, video game characters in future! i will replace all my function keys to all head keycaps :) p.s. the keycaps i received both have head slightly glued facing left, not sure if that's only my batch or not, but they are still look very good.
hefty, heavy, nice sound, no rattle stab, fast shipping, but only little missed on the mix switch, request A-Z with white switch but the white swith only on the 3rd row and z key
Some of the best packaging I've seen. Everything arrived in tip top shape. It's a shame my KBD75 had to be sent back due to various issues, otherwise I would've done a typing test with these things. A steal for $36!