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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for hiện tại logger
Wonderful product.Was more expensive than on other sites but I wanted the original and not a copy/clone .Allot of work has been put into this product.Translation is very good and English support site is excellent.Ordered the most recent model and software is up to date.Buy with confidence directly from this manufacturer.I will put up more feedback when I have finished testing this product.
works very well. I tested on 230 Vac and the isolation is good. it is easy to use, you plug the test leads into the correct port and select the correct function in the software and it starts recording. The software is supper simple and as a result does lack some features Thanks David
A very good product.Just the mod bus function i can give 6 stars. Have been looking around for such device fora long time. Plenty of features will take time to go through all. Well worth the $$$ Highly recommended.