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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cube laptop
-very good and cheap ssd ,almost half the price available in india - not from a recognizable brand but works good enough - faster than a lot of entry-level ssd -there is a red led on the ssd , so if there's a led light glowing inside the system ,don't worry. -i have attached some photos for reference -will add additional feedback after 2-3 months.. -Overall a very positive experience
Arrived in 7 days.Please excuse the delay in received confirmation,it was ordered the same day as Mele mini pc for the mini pc.The Mele arrived today.Ali Express guarentee"You have 14 days from confirmation if not satisfied".I could not confirm receipt of your M2 ssd until the Mele arrived,or risk losing guarentee.I will test it now.I am sure all will be good. .Very pleased.