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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for cosplay rin tohsaka
The outfit is perfect and fits. The only problem I have is that the top is kinda big at the gray part, it's a fix that's not problem, but it's cause I have a small chest I believe. And the apron is kinda long but that's fixed with the bow. Seller communicates on time and updated my shipping because I need it fast and was on a budget, so I really appreciate it ^^
It looked great! The clips stay on relatively well. The wig itself is not as shiny as I thought, which is a plus. The curls are great and the fringe is already styled. However, I've decided to move it off more to the side. Doesn't require much brushing or de-tangling if you maintain it well. Very pleased with the quality of the wig. Arrived on time, early, even. Will buy from this seller again!
First of all: the seller is amazing, it only took 9 days for my cosplay to arrive. I ordered my cosplay on 21 April, its now 30 April. This cosplay is super cute! Everything is included. The quality is really good. Its shiny and soft. Its just perfect! <3 Thanks alot!!
I love it! It really fits, only the socks are a bit small & cant rech over my knee, that made me a bit sad :/ But its okay. It arrived very quickly. and the quality is perfect,