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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for core i7 máy tính xách tay
The Laptop is in an amazing condition and there was no dents on the inner white box or on the laptop itself. You can check video reviews on YouTube for the laptop. My only concern is that it took sometime to get shipped, which the saller described later that it's in another facility, but hopefully they can improve on that. Thank you and I'm glad that I did business with you.
Extremy satisfied, received the goods in 2 business days, perfect state This is one of the best customer experience that I had in my life, very good communication, quick response and efficient answer. 1000% Recommended I will definitely buy again in the near future.
Very impressed with the build quality of MateBook x Pro, it has exceeded my expectations. The seller was responsive to all my emails and reassuring it will get delivered. The best part was DHL delivered the laptop on a Sunday! The parcel was sent to the inner suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. The laptop has a premium build feel and does not feel cheap at all. Comparing to my 15" HP spectre x360, the aluminium body on the Matebook X Pro has a far more superior machine finish. There is absolutely nothing misaligned in this laptop, perfectly machined all-around. The 3K display is superb and is in league of its own. I cannot emphasize how gorgeous this display looks in real life. Only negative, the backside get very hot in highwork loads A tip, if you are going to reinstall Windows. drivers are on Huawei global website. I had issue with the fingerprint scanner which was fixed with the latest update of windows 10. kudos to Huawei in producing a laptop that the people want.
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