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Top 5 Positive Customer Reviews for đồng xu ví
The wallet is excellently made, great quality. My order was shipped fast, however, It would have been nicer and safer had the seller wrapped the item safely. The item was only placed in a box and was not securely wrapped from possible water damage.
the Purses came to Russia in 28 days, and that was the only thing unwanted because my daughter was waiting for them) The outside of the bag is nice,changing colours is a good bonus for a child. there is enough place to put a Klinex tissue and a small toy, which should be enough for a short walk outside. Thanks to the store managers for a quick response to my worries and a small presents)
A nice vintage leather bag for coins or jewels is made of high-quality soft leather,gentle in touch!It looks awesome!I would like to thank to the seller for the gift, 1 Chinese coin - happiness supposed to be! Thank you very much!
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